We recruit volunteers from all over the world to volunteer with us primarily through word of mouth and via our profile’s on the Workaway and Helpstay volunteer exchange website’s

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Our volunteers stay in a local home stay and we charge a small volunteering fee which includes accommodation and three meals per day with the minimum commitment for volunteering being 2 weeks

The ultimate value of our volunteers however is the alternate ideas, skill sets, support and love that they bring

Here’s just a sampling of what some of our past volunteers have said….

Gilad, ISRAEL – I stayed with this host for about 5 wonderful weeks. I’m filled with love to the children, the team and Happy the founder, the rural atmosphere, Kyabirwa the village where it is located, Captain the friendliest dog (still puppy actually), the spoken languages (Lusoga and Luganda), the simplicity, the opportunities anyone has to be part and contribute

Helene & Elizabeth, FRANCE & UNITED KINGDOM – I was very lucky that Happy accepted to have me on a quite last minute request. I thought I would stay ten days but I ended up staying for about 6 weeks in May-June 2021 and it was a great experience

First I would say it was so nice to work with Happy, it is very easy to communicate with her and she’s very understanding and flexible! Always up for new ideas and suggestions you may have and as say in the profile, you are quite free to organise your time depending on the school’s need

Second you’ll get to love the kids!!! As said also in the profile, I would indeed recommend to stay at least two or three weeks to get to know each house-kid and be able to bond with them! Once you get to know them, it’s much easier and even more fun! Don’t hesitate to bring some cards game or anything to play with them!

Third, the place itself is really nice. Thanks to Happy’s hard work and dedication, as well as other staff members, the school and house were recently relocated in newer buildings. When I was there I live in the main house with Happy, Faith and the kids! I had a spacious and nicely furnished room and shared a bathroom with Happy! Mind there is no “shower” but you easily get use to it!

Victoire & Louis, FRANCE – We could only stay a small week here, but we had an amazing experience! First the project is really interesting and well structured and managed, so it is clear to understand it. Secondly, children are just lovely, friendly, curious, polite, well educated, they always want to play, they help each other, they are really mature ! They are used to see white people. Finally, Happy is just a wonderful and so interesting person, we loved our discussions with her. She is passionate about her project and it is great to take part of it

Kalsoumy, GERMANY – I’m so grateful and Happy is an amazing, intelligent and such a genuine person. She, Faith and all the other people from there raise the children with so much love and patience, it’s unbelievable

The children are so clever, curious, respectful, playful and eager to learn it’s amazing. It only takes a few days until they get used to you if you engage and I loved playing, singing, dancing and colouring books with them. After a few days you get to know everyone’s character which is super interesting. I feel so blessed to have spent time with them because their smile and laughter is priceless and fills my heart every time

I am still so heartbroken and sad that I had to leave after only 1 1/2 weeks due to corona, I would have loved to stay longer and get to know the children more. I will never forget this experience and learned so much out of it. Thanks again Happy for having me and for your amazing work you put into the boarding house and school. I would recommend this place to everyone because it’s a once in a life time experience!

Lucie, CZECH REPUBLIC – The Esuubi Foundation project was my first Workaway and first visit to Africa. It was an exceptional life experience for me and I enjoyed every single day of my volunteering there

I was impressed by what the founder of the project managed to do. Then, I was enchanted by the openness and warmth of children. Every day I was surprised by how independent they were, how capable they were, how they helped each other, how they were delighted by small things. I learned from them a lot. I learned from them even when I was teaching them at school

I also enjoyed the life in Kyabirwa. It was nice to be part of the community though for a short time. This Workaway experience has enriched me very much

Nadja & Daniele, SWISS & ITALY – We had our first Workaway experience here and it was one of the most unforgettable times in our life. From the beginning Happy was so welcoming and helpful, there was a connection from the very first moment until our leaving

Also Mamma Faith is full of energy and passionate. She is a very important attachment figure for the children and they respect her for what she is doing every day

The children gave us a feeling to be part of the family already when we arrived with their heart-warming hugs. They are well educated and appreciate everything what we were doing for and with them (swimming, cooking, playing…) Even if it was just a short period, we loved them and will miss all of them very much!!! We wish them all the best for their future

We recommend this place for your Workaway experience. It’s a place of harmony, love and happiness

Karin & Dominik, AUSTRIA – Volunteering for this project was our first Workaway experience and all we can say is WOW!

The children live in such a warm hearted and caring home. They get taught and raised so well, to be prepared for life when they get older! The children have really great manners, are always enthusiastic in helping at anything (cleaning shoes, washing dishes and clothes, painting blackboards and the school, being so caring and handing out rice and clothes to other needy children in the village), they help and work together as a team in any case (there is almost never a fight which is quite inspiring since they are 16 children in all ages) and most of all, they are absolutely loving, friendly and always have a smile on their faces! It makes you feel so welcome and like home, when the children run up towards you every morning, laughing, smiling and hugging you! They love to play, to draw and to dance, the older boys enjoy playing football every single evening and Derek is seriously unbeatable playing chess!

They also love to go swimming and appreciate it, when you take them to the pool! They really enjoy it to the fullest, and at the same time they know, its not something certain and that most of the children in the village wouldn’t get the opportunity to go swimming in a pool! The children are so grateful and always say thank you, if you bring them food or take them somewhere! Gratitude – thats a great and important character trait they are all blessed with! Staying and helping for this project and in the village was a pleasure for us, and we are so happy we could spend time with the lovely children and also make some little changes in the school building, even though we were only there for a short time of 3 weeks. This project is one great example of how you can improve an African village and bring joy into the children’s lives! And this is mostly owed to all the efforts of Happy, what is just incredible and outstanding! Happy is an amazing woman, spreading out so much positive attitude and happiness!

Michelle, GERMANY – My stay here was absolutely amazing! From the first day I loved the children so much that I cried when I had to leave them. Happy is such a stunning woman, she has all my respect. The children are lovely. Smiling, laughing, dancing and clapping are their favorite hobbies. Be open and you’ll have the best experiences with the most grateful children and staff I’ve ever met! Thank you for everything!!!

Carmen, SPAIN – My 2 weeks were amazing!! All the kids are so lovely and make you part of the family. Happy is an amazing woman and all her project is really an inspiration. The children love to play games, dance and learn with songs. I couldn’t ask more for my first work away experience. Since day 1 all community try to help you asking how you are always with a smile. Definitely the worst part was to say goodbye. I miss you all

Sophia, GERMANY – I stayed for one month and could have stayed for much longer..,I’m normally not the type of person who cries a lot but when saying goodbye to the children on my last day I actually did. I will definitely miss them. I was there for their birthday and it was lovely to see how grateful they were. Happy is such a loving woman! She always has a smile on her face doesn’t matter how much stress she actually has. Happy really puts all her energy in this project and always makes sure everybody feels well. I think she can really be proud of herself for starting this project and making it all a little bit better every single day

Jennifer, UK – Where do I even begin?! I’ve just finished up 6 incredible weeks with Happy and the children, and it was one of the most memorable, inspiring times of my life. Happy is a truly amazing woman, so helpful as a host and she works so hard, being responsible for the house and the school. I WILL be back!

Eamonn & Vanessa, AUSTRALIA & IRELAND – We had a brilliant time! Spent 3 weeks there but would’ve spent longer if we didn’t have other commitments. Happy, who started and runs the project, is an inspiration, and the children are absolutely amazing! We fell in love with each one of them and still talk about them and Happy regularly months after. They taught us so much and it was very hard to say goodbye

Ashwin, INDIA – This is one of the most amazing places I’ve been to. The children there are the absolute best. They are all so well behaved, polite, and loving. Happy is one of the kindest people I’ve met. She puts her heart into all that she does and she is one of the reasons this place has grown so quickly

Alex, UK – I stayed here for only 2 weeks in February – wishing it was longer! The children are so wonderful, saying goodbye is definitely the worst part of my time here! This is one big family full of love!

Peter & Melanie, USA – My husband and I spent 2 weeks volunteering here and it was an experience of a lifetime

Trevor & Kat, USA – We were supposed to stay here for two weeks, we ended up staying four…that’s how much we loved this experience! The work being done is extraordinary. Not only are they doing great work within the organization, but they are also passionate about helping the village

Ash, IRELAND – I spent 2 months as a volunteer here, and it was without doubt the most meaningful and inspiring experience I’ve ever had. After spending 8 months previous to this volunteering in various countries and projects all over Africa, and my time here was absolutely the best part of my trip. The children in the home and the village children are the most happy and kind children I’ve ever met, they are inspirational and their drive for loving and living life is overwhelming

Nicole, AUSTRALIA – I stayed with Happy and the children for 4 weeks, it was an experience I will never forget. Happy and the children were very welcoming and made me feel comfortable from one day. Huge credit to Happy for running such an amazing organization where the children are well cared

Harry & Natalia, UK – What an experience. I spent 1 months as a volunteer here with my girlfriend and it was without doubt the most meaningful and inspiring experience I’ve ever had. Ive spent 3 years traveling prior and have never had such a connection with the local community and really felt like I’ve made a difference in someone else’s life. The children in the home and around the village are absolutely beautiful, you very rarely see such happy children using their imagination and bringing other such joy. Happy has done such an incredible job with the school and the house, every day she is always thinking of others and saving more lives than she knows. A real life Wonder Woman. If you want a true Ugandan experience and to feel apart of something beautiful this is the place to be. I will 100% be sure to return and see how everyone is doing

Freya – I stayed with the Kids for 7 weeks and they were the best 7 weeks of my life! The adults who work at the project are the most dedicated and generous people I have ever met and the children will completely steal your hearts. The atmosphere is welcoming and kind, and if you need anything at all Happy is always there to talk to and support you.I fully intend to return in the future

Becky – I stayed with Happy for 3 weeks. She is amazing. She is so dedicated to creating better opportunities for the community. She has created a wonderful home for 15 children where they function as a family. The children are engaging, energetic, and joyful

Rens, HOLLAND – I intended to stay here for 1 or 2 months, but ended up staying for 3 months because I loved the place so much. Happy, Gladys and all the others were always so nice and really made me feel at home. The children are so lovely and fun and it’s great to see how happy they are. I wish Happy and everyone else all the best and I can’t wait to come back and see the children again

Jamie & Eleanor, UK – We stayed with Happy for 5 weeks and had the most amazing time. They are currently caring for 10 children, who are all gorgeous. We helped teaching English to the children and playing games, and even in our short time you could see how beneficial the interaction was to them. Happy is an incredibly resourceful and pragmatic person, running an inspirational project and we couldn’t recommend more highly going to stay with her