Meet the Esuubi Foundation team

Happy (Founder)


In 2015 at the age of 26 Happy began a project to empower women in the local community by supplying seeds and teaching sustainable farming practices to local women via the Seeds of Change project. Through this, Happy met a handful of local children who were not in school or receiving adequate nutrition, these 10 children in effect became the first 10 Esuubi Foundation students when Happy took them into her home to ensure their health and educational needs were met

Esuubi Foundation started to take shape after the government reclaimed the land where a small restaurant Happy had started was forcibly closed down. This closure allowed Happy to follow a lifelong dream of helping those in need although we simply see it as an extended family for the 16 Esuubi Foundation students who board with us and the 20 village children who attend our school as walk in’s…. in fact 9 of the kids have a brother or sister also boarding with us

The amazing thing about all of this is Happy used the small amount of life savings she had plus doing it in a male dominated, female oppressed society

As the closest primary school to the village was a 30-minute walk away (at that stage the children were all under the age of 8) Happy also decided to start a school…

Esuubi Foundation also focuses its energies on the community at large and women’s empowerment

We do this with an emphasis of employing, educating and ultimately empowering single mothers and other external activities. For example, we have trained some of our staff members as seamstress’s which allows us to make our own school uniforms, we also distributed over 100 packs of washable & reusable women’s sanitary pads over 2 information sessions to the women of the village thanks to generous donations and the list goes on…….

Faith (House Mamma)

Musa (Caretaker)