In addition to the Esuubi Foundation communal birthday party in July we try and make Xmas Day a special one

In addition to a special lunch (who wants to eat Posho on Xmas Day?) we like to provide practical presents for the children

For our volunteers and supporters on the ground we ask them if they are you able to donate a practical present or two in addition to decorations, wrapping paper and name tags

Whilst a ‘cool’ plastic toy will make the person donating it feel good, the reality is these cheap toys often don’t last long before they are broken

Practical presents are things the children need & will last. Examples of practical presents include individual named money box’s, clothing, shoes & school equipment for the Esuubi Foundation (plus toothbrush’s & toothpaste for the village children)

We keep two donation boxes in our volunteer house, one for our boarders and one for the village children allowing the donors to place their donation in the relevant box and Santa Claus will take care of the rest!