Esuubi Foundation

Esuubi Foundation is a registered community project in the village of Kyabirwa located on the banks of the Nile river and only 9km’s away from Jinja town

Esuubi Foundation’s focus is to provide children with access to an education, first world nutrition, medical and dental care, living conditions and opportunities in a happy, healthy, safe, caring and love filled family environment whilst empowering our staff and community as a whole

Our children are our number one priority and our community is our number two priority – no exceptions

We are a school, boarding house and a women’s and community empowerment group all rolled into one, we do this in three ways:

School – In 2017 the closest primary school was a 30 minute walk away so we started a home school which was initially attended by 10 children, however as word of mouth spread around the village and the number of students attending increased we rented a building in 2018 which we then converted into a school. Fast forward to late 2020 and construction was stated to fulfill our long term dream of building our own purpose built school on our own land with the new school being completed in early 2021 in time for day 1 of term 1!

Boarding House – We directly house, feed, educate, provide health care & support for up to 22 children who attend our school in our love filled home with the kids ranging in age from 2 to 16

Women’s and community empowerment – We work with local women and the community as a whole providing further education and up-skilling via jewellery making, tailoring, growing crops…. the list is long